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Services and Products We Provide

Project Consultation

If your project is still in its concept phase, or you're looking to turn it over soon, and everything in between. We can assist and guide you to help ensure a successful project that is completed on budget, on time.


We provide accurate and detailed shop drawings to ensure design expectations are met while also showing how the concept will be engineered and constructed. We also can provide color samples, mock-ups and prototypes to make sure the correct realization of the design vision has been achieved.


We will custom design, engineer, fabricate, build, and install your project to fit and look the way it should. We utilize the latest technology to meet the versatile needs of our clients while ensuring the highest quality, maximizing efficiency and allowing us to offer lead times significantly shorter than the industry standard.

Value Engineering

We understand that every project has a certain vision, but with it comes a certain budget with a desired timeline. We work with our clients to try to align each goal; to have the finished product as close to what was envisioned while achieving their financial and schedule objectives. 

Project Management

We coordinate with our client along with other trades on the jobsite to ensure that the project runs as smoothly and as timely as possible. 


Installation of our products is one of the more important parts of the customer interaction process. A lot of the times our installers are the ones that become the face of our company. Having a fully equipped in-house installation team emphasizes our commitment to quality and ensuring that installation will be completed on our timeline and not a third party's. 

Shop Outsourcing

We are your one-stop shop for all of your outsourcing needs! Bring us the design of your project and we can engineer it for you, order your material, machine all of the components, assemble everything, deliver your order and install it. Save on time and overhead, not having to invest in expensive machinery and not needing to employ more people. Outsourcing also allows both small and large shops to operate and take on projects that they otherwise would not be able to handle. 


Our typical clients include: hospitals, schools, multi-residential retirement facilities, rehabilitation centers, doctor offices, financial institutions, restaurants, libraries, government facilities, military facilities, corporate offices, retail and religious facilities.


Custom designed and manufactured high pressure laminate and wood faced casework with custom color matching and finish along with custom doors and drawers.


Custom designed and manufactured architectural millwork such as reception desks, teller line walls and pods, office partitions, moulding, entry doors, window trims, standalone and wall displays, store fixtures, storage management, trade show displays, wood stair components (treads, risers, railings, balusters, newel posts), acoustic walls, wood and fabric wall paneling, closets, specialty furnishing (conference tables, filing cabinets, office desks), countertops and vanities (high pressure laminates, solid surfaces, wood).

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